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Soma Riot Wave Machine by The Bed

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Reviewed on 1st July 2003.


Soma Riot Wave Machine

By The Bed

Bursting open in a wave of distorted guitars and firecracker drumming "Soma Riot Wave Machine" opens promisingly. It's a half decent tune and there are some nice little guitar melodies but at times things get a little too muddy. The drums sound as though they were recorded in a different building, never mind another room. They just don't sit right in the mix, maybe there's too much compression on them but they sound like they've been programmed, which I don't think they have. The singer's voice is far better capable of handling "Time Against The Tower" than it was the shouting and screaming of the opening and after initially being put off I actually begin to quite like it. He sounds a little like Mark Morris of The Bluetones though. It's not a bad offering but The Bed won't be dragging me out of mine just yet.



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