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Chooza Looza by Maria Willson

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Reviewed on 1st July 2003.


Chooza Looza

By Maria Willson

This song is ace. It's piss funny quite frankly, the musical equivalent of Just Seventeen.

Call me cynical but it smacks of some record exec deciding on finding a pretty girl, getting her a rock backing band and giving her some angst song to sing about boys. Hell it worked for that Canadian chick! Well yes but her songs weren't blessed with this lyrical prowess. Someone needs to ask some serious questions given that there's a five strong writing team, Miss Willson being one of them, I can only guess that she's responsible for the lyrics; I'm getting there, don't worry.

Musically it's a decent pop tune with a catchy chorus melody and splash of distorted guitar. Oh and a total rip off of the "Woo woooo" guitar bit from "The Joker". The lyrics revolve around Miss Willson telling some guy that she's "not waiting in line" for her guy who she only seems to see when his regular piece of ass is away. However, she is "here if you want me" and will be his girlfriend so he shouldn't be a "Chooza Looza". Hmmm, get some respect for yourself love, if you're not waiting in line tell him to sling his hook, from your promo photo you look like you could do better anyway. Me for instance.

There are some real cutting lyrics though, Maria telling this guy that if he is a Chooza Looza she tells him "You'll be 30 choosing curtains in Ikea." The scathing bitch! There's no need for that.

Buy it, it really is very comical and it means we'll get another fit bird on SM:TV instead of bloody Busted again!



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