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She is the Monkey Master by Flowered Third

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Reviewed on 1st July 2003.


She is the Monkey Master

By Flowered Third

This is a 16 song (count'em), labour of love from the Harrogate lo-fiers. It is peppered with Steven Malkmus inspired alt cuts, fidgeting guitars, meticulously picky rhythms, don't give a f*ck vocals and more time signature swapping than you can imagine a drummer being able to cope with... "quick Dave the bucket, he's over heating again!"

Like the northern answer to Seafood, the band sway and chop between the less than straight, the trying too hard not to be straight and the down right obscure such as the excellent "Cliffwalk". However for the most part this an arduous listen and 16 songs proves too much particularly when wading through best forgotten 5 minuters such as "In a car without a roof" or "Waves for the Storm". For those prepared to conquer there attention span there are some gems such as "Cats Flying Planes", "Allthesweetness" and closer "The whole now".

Had this been cut down to 8 or 10 songs then it would be doing the business, but it hasn't, so it isn't and Flowered 3rd may yet have to cross that most painful line of realisation that all bands have to go through at some point - not everything recorded in the studio has to end up on the CD.



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