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The Future is Unwritten by 10 Days

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Reviewed on 1st July 2003.


The Future is Unwritten

By 10 Days

"10 Days are one of the truly original bands on the underground currently."

"Ten Days are a trio to be at the forefront of the next generation of alt.guitar bands in this city."

With chronic press notices like those any band is going to struggle to make an impression. But 10 Days are so far short of meeting the hyperbole that it's embarrassing.

10 Days are three kids from Manchester with guitar bass and drums who probably like Fugazi but who haven't listened attentively to any of the really creative music from the last twenty years or so.

As a kids band they're OK. The three tracks on this CD have a standard formula which they perform convincingly. "Rearranged" gives us a two bar guitar riff - essentially D to F sharp and back, sometimes with the intervening notes filled in. This is also the main burden of the vocal track. There's no other content to speak of. I know it doesn't make a lot of sense to criticise pop music for being repetitious - that is one of the essentials of the form. But when the pattern is very small and very dull, many repetitions become dizzying and uncomfortable, like small quantities of narcotics.

"I Know Why" intones "nothing's gonna change" in a mantra like whine of horrible truth. "Time" has another short-range bog-standard metal filler riff played by both guitar and bass, slightly out of phase with each other. The tempo slips alarmingly. The word "time" is sung those short intervals between G F sharp and A about a million times and the strangely inflected slogan "RE sis TANCE is YOUR du TEEYAH" nags me into a torpor of acceptance.

The bass sound in general is pretty horrid and clangy, and the root notes of what could be powerful vehicles get ignored as the voice guitar and bass all get locked into the unison repetition of the constrained melody lines. The guitar parts are the ones you could teach to a non-guitarist in their first lesson, requiring no more than two fingers and spanning no more than two frets or two strings. The singing is the kind you want to kick in the hope that the CD player will unstick itself.

This is deeply conservative music that believes itself to be subversive. I'd say it was time to some homework lads.



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