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One Lie Fits All by One Minute Silence

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Reviewed on 1st August 2003.


One Lie Fits All

By One Minute Silence

Lets start on a good footing. I don't like metal. I went to the download festival and didn't see a single metal band for Christ's sake! It's nothing personal against metal, I just get so sick of all the "mom and dad split up, we were poor, I was depressed and my dog died" bullshit. You're 33, get over it! A few bands break this mould occasionally. System of a down, Rage against the machine, Metallica. And now One Minute Silence should be added to my list.

Sure, there are lyrics about self-loathing and how awful life can be, but there are also lyrics about social injustice and political observation. The music is as you would expect. Balls out, in your face metal with angry tone. Keeping to the modern metal formula of heavy rhythm, little soloing or other such nonsense. There are how ever breaks in many of the songs that sound a bit like Limp Bizkit. The kind of break where the bass keeps playing and vocals go all quiet followed by a massive riff kick with drums and guitar cutting in like a chainsaw.

Opener, "Fistful of nothing" is a stand out track along with token slow one, "The way back". Other tracks blend together with few highlights, but in all fairness, the blend is a good one, like a 30-minute metal barrage.

With three releases already from this album, this is one for the fans rather than the casually interested but it is a fine example of what metal can achieve if it rejects all the usual pretension and teen angst.



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