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Sugarspoon EP by Little Plato

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Reviewed on 1st August 2003.


Sugarspoon EP

By Little Plato

Describing themselves as "melodic Rock... with thoughtful rhythms and inventive guitar parts with distinctive vocals and personal lyrics." Could seem a little self-appreciating, but this is actually a fairly apt description.

This Manchester three piece do in fact present melodic rock with distinctive vocals, and the lyrics do seem quite personal. The sound is fairly relaxed, with upper tempo rock moments built up by thoughtful quiet moments. If anything the rockiness is the weak point of the songs. Certainly in the case of the title track, "Sugarspoon". The song ambles along nicely until a guitar so distorted it sounds like the speakers are broken jumps into the song and farts along aggressively.

Follow up tracks "Pretty Girl" and "Spirals" are inoffensive slices of gentle rock, and though both sounding well developed and interesting, neither really manages to inspire anything more than an awareness.

So the truth is, Little Plato are thoughtful, inventive, distinctive and personal. All they need is to add exciting and inspiring to that list and they'd be one of the better bands around.



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