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No Wow by The Kills

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Reviewed on 7th November 2005.


No Wow

By The Kills

I am now going to say something which my wife says I never tell her, about a group I have only just discovered, and a single that I have heard only a handful of times. I love it. I really do. It's giving me a glow resembling the Ready Brek man, and an annoying, nagging thought that I should have discovered these a long time ago. The Kills you see have been around for 7 years! You probably know this, but this reviewer has only just jumped aboard The Kills' loving ship, even though it's half way round its world cruise.

"No Wow" the title track from their second album, is dirty, raw and gritty, yet smooth and well constructed.  The vocalist, a one "VV", uses her voice well, and if a comparison can help you imagine her tone, think Shirley Manson. "Hotel", the second member, provides guitar and beats with a clinical, unique style that thread seamlessly entwined around VV's lyrics.

If the original wasn't enough to get you popping your coat on and heading towards your local record shop, the remixes provide the icing on top of the cake.  We have the hypnotic "Chicken Lips" remix, which strips down the original and adds some electronic synths to present us with an entertaining alternative.

Next up Jesse from Death From Above 1979 offers us the "MSTRKFT" remix; a totally reworked effort which could be a hit in its own right.

Now you may think that The Kills would see this as job done, extend their right hand and shout "taxi for VV and Hotel". Oh no, we get 2 reworkings of the excellent "The good ones". Firstly it's the "Backstage sluts remix", an  ear tingling, dance influenced corker that will have many a DJ reaching into his bag and putting The Kills into the dancehall environment, and rightly so.

The final offering comes from Canadian Techno head "Tiga" who speeds the whole thing up a few notches and provides a breakdown that will have hands in the air from Ottawa to Otley.

The Kills are now officially my new favourite band, and I recommend this single to anyone who is a music lover, that continually strives to find a new, alternative sound.

I love it I really do (just don't tell the wife).



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On 7th November 2005 at 22:50 Anonymous 3383 wrote...

yaaaay!!! I love The Kills too! I woke up in bit of a mood today I have to admit. But I sat on the bus, put their first album on and wooo! They just kind of suck you in and make you forget everything else. Very very intense. They're my favourite band too! And your review made me happy



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