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Untitled by Seven Day Theory

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Reviewed on 1st August 2003.



By Seven Day Theory

As faKe, this band was heralded as "one of the underground metal scenes brightest prospects". This fact is drilled home throughout the promotional material with this CD, including reviews of faKe. This is all well and good, but surely an unsigned band should be focusing on the future rather than revelling in past glories?

This aside, Seven Day Theory are a fairly straightforward metal act. The singer growls, the guitar and bass tear along and the drums plod out a huge beat. It's thrashy in places, mature and interesting in others and generally all that a good metal band should be. Powerful, aggressive and forceful.

Seven Day Theory undoubtedly put on a good live show, blistering rock like this usually translates better live than on record as production rarely catches the energy of a band like this (just picture a singer jumping, gyrating and growling... in a nice studio with a cup of tea in his hand).

Ultimately this music is not what I'd chose to listen to, but in my general experience of bands like this, Seven Day Theory are a fairly well developed example of the genre. Certainly worth checking out live if they play near you.



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