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Set and Drift by Diefenbach

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Reviewed on 10th November 2005.


Set and Drift

By Diefenbach

Third album proper from the genre melding Danes, 'Set & Drift' sees Diefenbach occupying territory somewhere between camps indie and electronic. And what a territory it is.

The subdued, heavenly opener 'Mechanical' makes way for the anthemic, in the everyone-knows-the-chorus stomp of 'Glorious', which in turn fades out into 'The Police,' a song so slight and pretty, you almost miss it, gently drifting by in a sea of melancholy and reverb.

It's a strange beast, this record. With one foot stuck in the pretty, wistful acoustic trench, and the other one jammed in an electro thump heavy one. 'Streetlights' drifts by, all calm like, until ultra-mega single 'Favourite Friend' hits you like a punch in the face - albeit a very pleasurable one, with bleeps and synth kicks to boot.

"It's only love, it disappears" coos singer Allan Mattsson on the delightful song of the same name, "All my days are all the same" he gently sighs, over hazy washes of acoustic strumming and a gentle tick of drums. Much like the pattern of the album so far, the tempo drives up again with the break heavy 'Bruising My Eyes', all saccharine backing vocals and snappy electro beats.

'The Rocket' does exactly that. If you weren't paying close enough attention to the extended outro of the previous track, then the filthy distortion will certainly wake you up with a bang. Nice.

More downbeat melancholia follows with 'The Right One' and the beat driven 'On The Move,' before 'Skyline' brings back the electro madness with it's screaming synth lines, fat drums and punchy piano lines. And they leave us just how they started, with some beautifully laid back, bright atmospherics on 'Circular Motions.'

Just how warped can one album get? Well, it certainly is a bit skewed, with one half being quite folksy, understated loveliness, and the other sounding like a short, sharp smack to the face. Brilliant stuff, investigate...



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