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Reviewed on 1st August 2003.



By The Rain Band

Mancunians? ...surely not, you mean The Rain Band are from Manchester... I'd never have guessed, or should I say "Ayyeeeed nevuur av guezzed man!" Oh yes - review for the short on attention: do you like Joy Division, The Stone Roses, New Order, Flowered up, Mansun, Space Monkeys and most things on Factory Records? Are you sorted, pumped, up for it man? Do you think that The Music are "blindin"? If the answer to the majority of questions is yes then you should know about The Rain Band.

Guitar music with dance rhythms, who'd have thought it! A bass that goes dum dum dum dum dum to signify a chorus...clever! A vocalist that positively sounds as if he is swaggering back and forwards (listen very carefully and you can almost here the rustle of his parker). It's not that bad, not that great and somewhere short of special but The Rain Bands slickly knob twiddled debut will keep plenty of party people happy, intoxicated or not. The singles stand out a mile and the rest offer a suitable background.

Unsure? Try singles "Knee Deep and Down" and "Easy Rider" first - if that goes well then get the album as there are no surprises waiting for you.



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