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Maybe Tomorrow by Stereophonics

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Reviewed on 1st August 2003.


Maybe Tomorrow

By Stereophonics

The band that everyone loves to hate right now. It would seem that everyone who never liked the Stereophonics hates them even more now. Then there are those who liked them when they were playing 3 minute raucous power pop with witty lyrics that lacked any real depth but now despise the more mature sound the three Valley boys are producing. Whenever you discover a band before anyone else you long for everyone to listen to them. As soon as they do you want them back to yourself again, so I guess many Stereophonics fans will be glad that they seem to be in the minority once more. The minority of people with taste on this evidence.

WOW ! Is this the same band that gave us "More Life In A Tramp's Vest"??? Right from the word go we're in an altogether different league. From the opening guitar riff and the constant "oooh, ooooooh" backing vocals this song just oozes class. The rhythm of the vocal melody pulls the song along across the lazy backbeat. There's a 70's feel to the whole proceedings, from the cool vibes, those lush backing vocals to the extra percussion, this is just a cool song. This is songwriting how it should be done. A fine tune superbly orchestrated without ever overstating things, every piece of instrumentation serves a purpose. If liking this song puts me in the minority then I'm glad to be here, we'll get all the good tunes whilst you listening to the next band the NME are going to hate.



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On 6th August 2003 at 23:32 Anonymous 291 wrote...

Quarry, you're a fool. Its not even worth an opinion, stereophonics are shit. Fact. And as for slagging off people who love what the nme tells em to, whats your excuse for loving the darkness. The nme told ya too. admit it. Ya daft bugger.


On 7th August 2003 at 18:50 Anonymous 251 wrote...

Shit off.


On 8th August 2003 at 12:05 Anonymous 352 wrote...

how can something be given five stars? what are the stars relative to? are they relative to every other piece of music ever that youve heard? surely they must be otherwise what would be the point of 'scoring' something?
so does this mean that this song is the best song ever? should five stars never be given seens as it can never be beaten and thus when a better song does come along and is given the 5 stars the result is a cheapening of the system? is five stars an admition of defeat????????????????????????is work really boring enough to drive a man to speak like this??????????
WHO REALLY SHOT J.R!!!!!!????????????


On 8th August 2003 at 19:28 Anonymous 251 wrote...

Easily. It can be given 5 stars if it is shit hot, If it is music written how music should be written. If it can touch an individual like other pieces of music cannot. Remember reviews are one persons opinion. But to me that is one of the finest tunes you'll hear for a long while. I certainly haven't heard anything as accomplished as that track from a Leeds band yet, thats not a slagging off of any Leeds bands, there are many I love, just a fact, my own personal opinion.


On 9th August 2003 at 12:18 Anonymous 291 wrote...

You fucking loon Quarry. Way off the mark, Its not even good by Stereophonics standards, never mind anyone elses. I'd rather listen to my dog fart.


On 9th August 2003 at 16:38 Anonymous 138 wrote...

'If it is music written how music should be written'....what a load of bollox!



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