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Approaching The Traps by Manifesto

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Reviewed on 18th November 2005.


Approaching The Traps

By Manifesto

The CD kicks off with the track "Human Rights" which to be honest is not a very impressive track. The drums are relatively lazy with the fills being out of time, the bass sometimes lags behind the guitar and vocals in the track. As this may be more accepted in a live situation, on a demo I find it slightly disturbing how they are using an out of time first track on their demo, this being the track where the listener will make their decision on the band. Not too impressed with this track, however we shall see if the band makes up for it with the following 3 tracks.

Next to hit us in our listen boxes is a track called "Fast", which to be fair doesn't start off sounding bad at all, until the main drum rhythm kicks in. Leaving gaps in the rhythm he/she is playing. I will not deny that the track is well constructed and well written, however I feel the only liability is the drummer to be honest.

After 2 fairly disappointing tracks, comes a fairly chilled out slower song, "Hope". Much tighter than the other tracks, a good contrast from the first two tracks, building up to a heavier faster chorus. In my opinion the best track on the CD, my only negative being that when the track does speed up, it seems to do so by accident. Whether this is the idea they were going for I'm not sure but that's the way it seems to me.

The final track on the CD is "Bring Me Back Around" which starts off very Libertines-esque with a very trebly guitar. A fairly average track, not anything to write home about, the drums again not as tight as they could be. The only main fault of this track would be the recording technique, as when I listen to it all of the instruments and vocals seem to just be coming through the left channel.

All round a fairly unimpressive demo, don't give up your day job as they say!



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