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The Bluebirds Album by The Bluebirds

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Reviewed on 18th November 2005.


The Bluebirds Album

By The Bluebirds

The unwritten law that states "All blues bands must attempt to have either the word blue or blues or some clever word play with the word blue in their name" strikes again... yes revelation, The Bluebirds play the blues! This is an 8 song collection of Hendrix covers, songs covered by Hendrix (notice a theme developing?) and self-penned efforts paying tribute to... you guessed it, Hendrix. For such a young band they have a vibrant enough blues sound and clearly know their way up and down the tried and tested scales of woe, not to mention how to stack the clichés in the order demanded by the genre. There is also plenty of chin-stroking fret-wibbling for guaranteed pub cred but it rarely sits comfortably and is usually heralded in by a "here comes the solo" drum stutter or vocal "hey!". As is to be expected it's the covers that fair the best, being as they are classics. Meanwhile the band's own efforts pale in comparison such as the naive "Jimi" (no prizes for guessing what that's about) or the lyrically cringe worthy "Station No. 9" which has lines that end with "Baby" far too often for its own good. Still the band are having fun and playing music inspired by a sound they love and if rock and roll isn't about that when you are 18 then what is the point? Some more dirt on their shirts, beer in their stomachs and slightly broadening their influences will see them make best use of their talent.



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