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Ha Ha Sound by Broadcast

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Reviewed on 1st August 2003.


Ha Ha Sound

By Broadcast

Easy Listening this is not. Opening with a demented Wurlitzer esque drone with sugar sweet female vocals daintily skipping amongst the disturbing synth sounds this could be the background to some B-Movie title sequence. Looking at this album as a whole it can be easily summed up; not a good thing. We basically get weak female vocals singing 60's style pop songs, but without the great melodies, with lots of electronic noodling above it all. Remember the 'Friends' episodes with Ross and his keyboard? Well I think these may be the early demos of his work.

There are some nice drum beats in and amongst some of the songs but they become overused which makes even the tracks with glimmers of hope become dull. "Before We Begin" manages to salvage some respect, a merry little ditty that would be lovely were it left alone by that infernal Casio! Lyrically this is a weak collection though; "Now deep inside my wooden clock there is a tick but not a tock" one such example. Now actually when I see that written down it doesn't seem so bad, there are many ways that could be taken. But trust me, the way it's delivered in "The Little Bell" it just sounds rather poor.

For those who like plenty of experimentation and trying to make gentle melodies become as discordant as possible then this could be what you're after. For those who like a to be able to listen to a tune without having to concentrate or consult a physics book, steer well clear.



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On 25th August 2003 at 16:35 Anonymous 13 wrote...

Iconoclastic for sure! However, readers unaware of Broadcast as Warp Records' pet pop band might like to check out one or two other reviews before deciding how one and a half stars they are. See for example dot music's attempt at:
or maybe Playlouder, with its wee sample to listen to at:
or even Dessigner Magazine at:



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