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Pure / Rewards For Informers by Red.Star.Line

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Reviewed on 20th November 2005.


Pure / Rewards For Informers

By Red.Star.Line

Quite Great Publicity Presents!

This present was packaged like a Spaceman's lunch, all silver foiled and important. Flash bastards. The product? On first listen, worthy of such grandiose garmentation.

Both tracks bound along like a prize 'Oss at Cheltenham, swaggering with attitude and grunge inflections. "Pure" is a very decent little pop slice, quite Nirvana like in chorus, and just over the 2 minute mark. "Rewards For Informers" is longer, but builds around a similar formulae of simple melodies, solid guitar work, and bounding rhythms.

So, at first glance, a very good little package indeed. I immediately plan my appraisal, and power up Microsoft Word for some language. But my shitty computer crashes, and progress is foiled by machines again. I should have shot Dyson when I had him in my sights. And his kid.

I leave it a while, and decide to listen to the demo some more, whilst getting addicted to Premier Manager 2, again. So as I complete the review, I realise that this single tricked me. Everything about this single is immediate. From the packaging to the hits of the hi-hat.

After further fermentation, I found that Red.Star.Line have very little to say. The zeitgeist lyrics on "Pure" are disposable, "You move so hip, and you look so pure". All without a hint of irony. "Rewards For Informers" finds itself in the perilous position of undermining the previous tracks lyrical looseness. It attempts to berate the shallowness of current musical darlings, "The Theatres closed, no place to go". Hard cheese old chinwag, you've just fallen into the same trap!

Confusion! But, as I have said before, these guys tricked me.

It was only at closer inspection that I realised that this musical mush had a backbone made of mash. Surely, this is the beauty of a single? Its throw-away-ability! Singles aren't meant to be over-analysed, but merely to be digested quickly, without possible bowel trouble. I think you taught me something here, Red.Star.Line, and maybe you should go on to teach a few more.

One thing, get someone else to write your press releases, you almost gurned in an own goal. But I am in a forgiving mood today, and I might do the dishes.

Nuff sed,



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