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How Many Worlds by Brian Eno

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Reviewed on 22nd November 2005.


How Many Worlds

By Brian Eno

There's not a lot more I can say about Brian Eno that hasn't been said before. Pretentious bastard or a musical genius? Well, that depends on who you are and what you like.

He's back now though, with 'How Many Worlds' and a 'specially edited' version it tells me in the press release. So, judging on his past works, this is probably but a 4-minute snippet of a mammoth 15-minute beast.

Surprisingly, as I'm only vaguely familiar with his spaced out back catalogue, 'How Many Worlds' is all jaunty, up tempo piano plucking in an almost Chas and Dave mould. 'How many people will we feed today? How many lips will we kiss today?' he sings in a hazy drawl at the start of the song Hmmmmm...

Still, a sublime string section and some moody atmospherics (this is Brian Eno, remember) embellish the unusually poppy song with a bit more bite. The middle instrumental section is just gorgeous, and I have a feeling the album version contains more of that.

Strange to think that Mr. Eno was once a driving force in the much lauded Roxy Music, knocking out some amazing pop songs, who then ended up making album after album of grim, sterile electronica for most of his career. 'How Many Worlds' taken from 'Another Day On Earth'- his first album with a vocal on it for 28 years (true story,) is a rather beautiful piece of work, if a little corny at times, but overall, worth it.

Welcome back Brian.



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