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R'n'B by Goldie Lookin' Chain

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Reviewed on 26th November 2005.



By Goldie Lookin' Chain

You may get a surprise when you listen to the latest edition from Goldie Lookin' Chain. Why? Because it is very dissimilar from the rest of their releases. Like what? The message behind this song is much more subtle than that of their previous singles. You get the group doing their regular "take it in turns to be in the spot light" thing they do so well. However in this release you also get the band singing as a whole (which is nothing new but this time they do it melodically) almost like a boy band, but don't worry, that's the point.

The single sounds like something from a "Take That" album, but has the GLC boys singing about how they all love R 'n' B. Why would I want to listen to that? Because they take the piss out of boy bands in the process singing about how they love R 'n' B in a pop fashion. (if you don't get it you're a moron but for a point of reference it's taking the piss out of things like Britney Spears singing about rock and roll in a pop song).

There are fewer defining lines in this song when compared to "Your Missus Is A Nutter" and "Your Mother's Got a Penis" but for all who can see the musical irony it's really very funny.

Who will like it? In would say some (not all) fans of previous work from GLC simply because the humour in this is not as blatantly obvious as there other songs. Also maybe some stupid 13yr old wieners that don't quite get the fact they're taking the piss and listen to it seriously.

Personal opinion? Although the song is good it's by no means their best. I think the fact that it actually sounds a bit like Boyzone with rapping in it may deter some people. Most songs from GLC have very obviously comical lyrics, however this song lacks that which may again defer fans from listening to it. All in all though, a good one on their part but nowhere near their best.



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On 27th November 2005 at 10:35 Anonymous 4717 wrote...

i have only described the song R 'n' B as i got the single with just that song on it which is why the other track listed songs are not mentioned.


On 28th November 2005 at 09:13 Anonymous 30 wrote...

The humour isn't as blatant??? Are you mad Ben? This is one of their funniest songs to date - I won't be buying it, but it does put so eloquently what only ever comes out as a rant from my own mouth and therefore always raise a smile. If only all novelty songs had this much thought behind them.


On 28th November 2005 at 16:27 Anonymous 4717 wrote...

i wouldnt say it was their funniest, its definitley good. Ba ah well tis a valued opinion anyway thanks for commenting



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