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Tower of Love by Jim Noir

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Reviewed on 4th December 2005.


Tower of Love

By Jim Noir

This debut album from Mr Noir is actually a compilation of his first 3 sold out EPs. Not one to strip the early adopters of their privileges, he has also stuck on 3 extra tracks. For the uninitiated however this is a wonderful collection of Brian Wilson inspired Beta Band brand pop nonsense. Every track finds 101 ideas and sounds interwoven whilst maintaining the simple air of a nursery rhyme. If you ever wondered (not that you probably did) what the Beach Boys may have sounded like if they'd had pro-tools then Jim Noir is probably the closest thing you'll find to an answer. Opening pop repeat-athon "My Patch" warms you up nicely for the onslaught of melodic, harmony layered silliness that follows over the next 12 songs. Although knee deep in subtly, a few favourites bubble to the surface following 4 or 5 plays. The charming lyrics of "Computer Song" tackling the error prone process that went in to the making of it or the sweet "Eanie Meany", an ode to the after school past-time of kicking balls over fences. Maybe "In The Key Of C" is a side ways swipe at the infamous statement once made by Noel Gallagher regards the success of The Beach Boys only being due to the fact that they were next to The Beatles in the record racks. It would be nice to think so, pondering as it does on the bland nature of songs written in C. Something Mr G knows a lot about that's for sure. These psychedelic pop songs filled with air, light and colour will add a smile and an ambience of summer, like a musical Glade plug-in, to the lives of those prepared to give them a bed for the night.



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