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Down In Albion by Babyshambles

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Reviewed on 8th December 2005.


Down In Albion

By Babyshambles

So apparently 'ol Peteys back on the rails. Good for him. It's been a weird year for everybody's favourite street urchin, liaisons with supermodels and daily rag front pages have somehow launched Doherty into household name status and indie folk lore. It's very likely the 'common man' has heard the name Pete Doherty but yet never heard a note he's played, a word he's sang or what the frig a Babyshambles is. If they had they'd find a bloke as hard to decipher as Wayne Rooney meeting a Rubik cube for the first time. He's a puzzle alright and undoubtedly and probably consciously trying to fill the role in society vacated by the Axl Roses and Sid Vicious of this world. Or maybe he's just a waster with a few screws loose but who can, on occasion write a tune and charismatically insight mass adulation in his general direction. Whatever the situation the case study of Pete Doherty is an interesting one. The title track from Babyshambles forever in production debut album is a more sober, gentle introduction to Doherty's new band than their attempted rabble rousing anthem that more or less fell on deaf ears - 'Fuck Forever' earlier this year. Assumingly it does flirt with the idea of him getting pissed out of his tree and getting drunkingly lost "anywhere in Albion" but somewhere underneath Doherty's frail voice and little lost boy demeanour does lurk a sense of meaning and intelligence that leads to him occasionally penning a great song. 'Down In Albion' isn't one of them but unless he goes all Cobain on us (touch wood) he could again in the near future. This song boils down to amusingly listing random districts off a map, getting confused, and yodelling Newcastle for no good reason. God bless Pete Doherty and indeed "the world's smallest guitar" that I so hope he still possesses.



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On 8th December 2005 at 16:39 Anonymous 4705 wrote...

the shit vapours rising from this track sting my eyes...
its crappy...


On 10th December 2005 at 13:51 Anonymous 4117 wrote...




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