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First Come First EP by The deBretts

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Reviewed on 8th December 2005.


First Come First EP

By The deBretts

You may have stumbled across The deBretts at one of their two jaunts into Leeds where they played The Faversham. I know I did. I remember thinking "hmmm, ok, I wish they would practice more". Then The Noisettes were on next. I got far too excited and forgot anything more about the deBretts. But then, that's the effect The Noisettes have on me. I could have seen Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain both return to life and play a gig together. I'd still forget about them if they were followed by The Noisettes.

This is dangerously close to becoming a Hymn To The Noisettes. Sorry. Back to business.

This is a four track EP by The deBretts. Released by themselves, recorded cheaply, and sold only at gigs and via their website. By now you're assuming it's going to be a bit shit. Rough around the edges. Lacking in any sparkle or pizzazz.

Well, you're wrong. So there.

Do you remember how, back in the early-Nineties, we all feel in love with Republica. Even though they were pretty shite, and 'Ready to Go' was their best song, and even that was a bit rubbish. Now imagine that this is the early Nineties, and Republica were good, not a bit rubbish. Instead of their soulless glossy edges, you had guitars that roar, a singer with real sass and vigour. A singer who won't ever be the face of Pepsi (the girl from Republica did some ads for Pepsi, right?), because her band are a little to difficult for all that.

'Is It Me?' has loads of "oooh, ooh, oooooh, ooh ooh, oh ooh-hooooooos" we all know that that's a good thing. We all know that I'm singing along with them as I type. 'Hole In The Head' starts with a bang, then cuts down to just the bass some pummelling drums, and breathy vocals, then gives you a kick up the arse when it starts again. There are more "ooohs". Oh yes. That's good.

Things get a bit confusing halfway through this EP, when The deBretts turn into The Long Blondes singing early Manics songs. Most early (I mean very early here) Manics songs are rubbish (seriously, Generation Terrorists, how did the Manics get anywhere with that as their first offering?), but The deBretts' take on them are very good indeed. 'Animal' takes us back to the poppy rock''n'roll thing again. The chorus sounds like Blondie before they ruined all our fantasies by releasing 'Maria'. There are more ""oooohs" (spot the running theme) and cooed vocals. Nice.

Press play start again. And again. Yup, the "oooohs" are still good.

We have learnt some lessons here. "oooohs" are always good, even when not used in moderation. Even if you used some slightly tired sounds, as long as you have a girl with a great voice singing them, you can get away with it. If you want someone to give your band a fair chance, don't open up for The Noisettes.



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