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"This Is Our Punk Rock" Thee Rusted Satellites Gather + Sing by A Silver Mt. Zion

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Reviewed on 1st September 2003.


"This Is Our Punk Rock" Thee Rusted Satellites Gather + Sing

By A Silver Mt. Zion

As openers go, they don't get much more perfect or sublime than the choral, vocal arrangement of " Sow Some Lonesome Corner So Many Flowers Bloom." On a personal level, it seems to summarize every regret, every mistake I ever made. Every girl I ever fell in love with but never had the guts to tell... Everything that's ever gone wrong in my whole GODDAMN LIFE!

This is seriously melancholy stuff.. But the fact that I keep coming back to it perhaps says something about the strength of the material... or perhaps, the fragility of my mental health... (aaahh, sweet masochism... I do like a bit of self-pitying, lying awake in the dark, with only my self-deprecating thoughts to comfort me....) but at the end of the day, anything as astoundingly, mind-numbingly and downright beautiful as "This Is Our Punk Rock..." cannot possibly be bad for you. Can it? CAN IT? Of course not! And if it is.. fuck it! At least I'll die a happy man... or is that extremely depressed? Ahh.. I don't know anymore... and I don't care to be honest.

As the sleevenote/dedications state, this is definitely an album for "bruised hearts worldwide" and "anyone who ever had bad electricity in their head." If you wake up every morning and thank the lord for your perfect life. Your perfect job. Your perfect lovelife... And if your bed is rammed tight up against the wall... so that you couldn't possibly get up on the wrong side.. even if you WANTED TO! Then chances are you will not appreciate this album. I could be wrong.. I would love to be wrong. I would love for you all to fall in love with this album the same way I did. We could form a fanclub! It'd be wonderful! But seriously.. people who listen to A Siler Mt. Zion records are pretty much destined to grow old and lonely, and talk about how, "it hurts to breathe," and how, "everybody gets a little lost sometimes..." EVERYBODY! You hear? Everybody...

...hmmm... I feel maybe I'm being a little negative... This isn't what I intended at all! I was supposed to tell you how "This Is Our Punk Rock.." is one of the most stunningly beautiful albums to be released this year. How, it will make you want to re-evaluate the way your life is headed... 'cos no-one wants to be lonely really.. It's just an excuse to sound cool. To make out like you don't care.. But when it comes down to it, you know as well as I do that being lonely is a pain in the soddin' arse! And you find comfort in the words... "Everybody gets a little lost sometimes.." Not just you. Not just me. EVERYBODY! But it's only a little, and its only sometimes..

The best description I've heard of this album so far is, "the sound of a violin bow being scraped across your eardrum." Now, if that doesn't make you want to buy this album, then I'm afraid sonny... you really are a lost cause.



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