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One Long Song EP by Jont

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Reviewed on 10th December 2005.


One Long Song EP

By Jont

What happens if you have Chris Martin fronting Athlete (first album) heavily influenced by David Gray and providing a soundtrack for people reading the Guardian whilst supping a Latte in Starbucks. You A) Have a marketing man's dream, B) Don't necessarily have the licence to print money you first thought you had and C) you have Jont. Good looking and with a vocal style that sounds like he is whisperingly trying to get you lay-deeez in to bed, Jont is coffee shop cool and straight off the shelf ready to service the comfy world of the Friends generation. Maybe it's that he left his London roots for LA but this is far too sunny and "so like cool, and like way, and like dude, and like dreamy". Although he sounds like he means it on "Caught out in the Rain" and he certainly means no offence it just sits uncomfortably with wet northern skies. "Sweetheart" is a pop ballad master class and can be admired for its craft, you may even have heard it on the soundtrack of The Wedding Crashers and if you loved that frat humour then your Christmas list should include a request for this as it will demonstrate your feminine side.



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