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No More Broken Hearts by Computerman

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Reviewed on 23rd December 2005.


No More Broken Hearts

By Computerman

I first look at the back of this CD sleeve and I'm thinking to myself they look like every single asymmetrical gender bender who goes to the Cockpit on a Friday night (this is not a good thing!) so I'm praying that the quality of music on the CD is going to be better than the air conditioning at the sweat-pit. Alas the music can only be described as OK. There doesn't seem to be an adjective that I can find in the thesaurus that seems to better describe this musical equivalent of Tim Henman.

"No more broken Hearts" is Mansun with a bit of M83 with a severe hint of "I swear I've heard this riff in another song". The majestic organs and synths tries to add depth to the song but the manner of its monotony seems to make the song drag out forever; it seem like you're stuck listening to elevator music stuck on repeat.

"Watch more TV" - well the title pretty much says it all.

"No_recover" - this song saves this CD from being used as a projectile towards my housemate at losing 5-0 at Pro-evo. The blend of Stellastarr* with thirteen 13 and the extremely infectious melodies seems to drill its majestic chorus into my cranium. I think the Now 43 CD is a far superior WMD.



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