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When The Sun Goes Down by Arctic Monkeys

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Reviewed on 27th December 2005.


When The Sun Goes Down

By Arctic Monkeys

Despite Arctic Monkeys' front man Alex Turner's antipathy for media comparisons to their Yorkshire (elder) cousins Kaiser Chiefs -and who can blame him, for they clearly do not sound alike- we should not forget the similarities in their meteoric rise in popularity and whilst they are still relative newcomers in age terms, both have achieved so, so much in just over 12 months; household names is termed not unwisely.

For Sheffield's Arctic Monkeys, it is now a well-worn nib that describes their ascension in the context of internet file sharing, the sheriff, frenzied gigs in nearby Wakefield or just plain ol' word of mouth buzz, and I admit before you now that my personal introduction to the four-piece was exactly as has been printed hundredfold and experienced by thousands more. I am a mere footsoldier in this army of transfixed followers, and today, as I contently line up in the ranks, I assist the Recruiting Officer whenever I can.

I have two vivid memories of this particular song. Firstly, its availability -from unknown sources- in the summer as a download entitled "Scummy", a first-listen-and-it's-amazing song, catchy with witty, yet clever, storyteller lyrics and a marked South Yorkshire accent (so much so I thought Alex had a cold, bless) ... my first introduction to this "scummy man".

The follow up was an oversubscribed Radio One tent on the Sunday afternoon at Leeds Festival, where on cue several thousand festival revellers sang back to the band the now instantly recognisable two verse introduction: 'So who's that girl there? / I wonder what went wrong, so that she had to roam the streets / She doesn't do major credit cards, I doubt she does receipts / It's all not quite legitimate ..."

It was an spine-tingling moment. No really, it was.

Well, what else? Not much really, except to say that "When The Sun Goes Down" was my song of 2005 and Arctic Monkeys my band... but I'm sure you guessed that by now though, *wink* ... Happy New Year! x



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