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Cool by Lewis Sleeman

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Reviewed on 5th January 2006.



By Lewis Sleeman

Eh it is, is it? Cool, I mean. Well yes frankly it is. This is a little beauty by Mr Lewis Sleeman, whittled out on what one presumes is a shoestring budget over a lengthy 3-year period. Damn fine work then.

Somewhat of a concept album, but sprinklings of a firmer foundation that separate it from just another whimsical piss in the wind. Sleeman's one-man band escapades couple melancholy fretwork with uber-cool eccentric harmonica and a tonne of random jingles and jangles. Somewhat surprisingly it all knits together rather swimmingly. Even bizarre opener "Sneezes", in which Sleeman utilises his nasal movements to startling effect, has a certain elegance and innocence which you just want to cuddle.

"Follow me" and "songs for the losers" rule the roost and are dripping with gutsy guitar and some downright delicious vocals. This album is not a one or two trick pony though and from "Sneezes" through to closeout "4am" Sleeman impresses, not least with his voice which straddles somewhere between bitter Radiohead and Irish gypsy.

Super stuff in all, expect more and expect bigger. All tracks I think can be freely downloaded from the website mentioned below, which is fast becoming the voice of choice to promote your wares. Does it work? Well lets see shall we you little monkeys.



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On 5th January 2006 at 23:26 Anonymous 2832 wrote...

Does he sneeze on record?! That's ace. I want one.



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