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Secret File by Clarkesville

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Reviewed on 1st September 2003.


Secret File

By Clarkesville

Being slow with this review, I'm told by those who go places that this tune is already on the compilation CDs from Woolworths that they play at the gym for people to hyperventilate to. It's probably in the "charts" as well. So I'm way too late to do any damage by writing what I think. Damn. All I can say is that if Chris de Burgh was Elvis Presley, Michael Clarke would be Cliff Richard.

I mean, he's got a certain melodic gift and he sings sweetly enough. But when I last checked the stats there was definitely enough lift music in the vaults to keep the planet going until well after the power to hoist the lifts and run the eight track cartridges have run out.

The single's publicity blurb includes some of those grey techno porn pictures of Big Desks (know what I mean, boys?) An FX cathedral-full of synthy noises swirl around the guitar and voice in mocking hollow soulless waves and I hate it deeply. I suspect that this would even register outside the range of our very own Holden de Forge's tolerant ears.

So it's obviously really good and Sony publish his songs. I shouldn't be allowed to write this stuff.

Oh, there's a video on the single too. At least I can get one thing right.



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On 22nd September 2003 at 22:57 Anonymous 251 wrote...

Sam. Guess you missed my review of the album then !


On 23rd September 2003 at 09:44 Anonymous 13 wrote...

I read it subliminally! Did you write one? Sorry I was tired and a bit pissed off. Neither you nor Michael Clarke deserve my snide comments - but on the other hand you're both big enough boys to withstand the puny assault.


On 23rd September 2003 at 19:24 Anonymous 251 wrote...

He he. I had no press blurb with the album so wasn't sure what to expect. I really enjoyed it. Lent it to a couple of friends who liked it too, I think it's far more appealing than say Coldplay, much less dull. Variety is the spice of life though !



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