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Reviewed on 10th January 2006.



By Slash Bikini

I should really like York's Slash Bikini. They play punked pop tunes unlike anything I've heard for ages and write interesting lyrics about everything from drinking taboo to crashing your motorbike. For reference it's quite Britpoppy (anyone remember The Supernaturals?) but much more screwed-up and far more intelligent.

There are clever changes in direction, interesting beeps and buzzes, pounding Green Day-esque bass lines, regular changes in tempo and one of the best looking CD sleeves I've ever seen from an unsigned band.

In fact almost everything is fantastic. But unfortunately for Slash Bikini I'm reviewing their CD and a man of my disposition just can't get his ears past the singer's voice - it's bloody annoying.

He sounds like a spoilt little shit of a kid with a blocked nose and a bad attitude looking for a slap. And he sings at that pitch, that one that almost only audible to dogs, which just makes me want to turn it off and never listen to it again. Sorry fella if you're reading this. Maybe it's just me. Or maybe not.

Track six, Anti-choice, is outstanding but then the vocals have been fuzzed up somewhat and the nasal whine just isn't as harsh. Track 10, 'Slow', is also more than enjoyable and the closer, 'Sleep Safe', is a beautiful minute long ditty. But the rest, for me, is pretty painful. Great live I reckon, but don't buy the album if you suffer from migraines.



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On 17th January 2006 at 11:20 Anonymous 4716 wrote...

Oh, Chris(t).....

you've dropped the ball, mate. Fair enough, a lot of chaps would like to stop me from singing, but only by filling my mouth sexually. I have the voice of an angel and you want to defile it! oh my

You've heard the best band around and only given us three stars because you've confused annoyance for love of a fellow man.

Go see the gay cowboy film and come to terms with yourself

hmmm a singer with an annoyingly nasal voice..... pass the spliff bob.......


On 17th January 2006 at 16:58 Anonymous 5291 wrote...

Gosh, this is a bit confusing! How can you say that everything is almost fantastic and then shoot over the singer like that??!! Personally I think his voice is fantastic, different and very distinctive. Together with the sounds it makes the band easy to recognise. By the way I suffer from migraine and have no problems with Slash Bikini!


On 19th January 2006 at 14:01 Anonymous 5306 wrote...

Please excuse Clint's comments, he is a spoilt little shit of a kid with a blocked nose and a bad attitude looking for a slap.

Reading this review I have to conclude that either the reviewer is canine in descent, or is in the habit of playing 45rpm CDs at 33-and-a-third*. How else could he hear those supersonic doggy frequencies? But hey! What do I know? I'm so dim I can't even spell my own name.


(* that's a vinyl reference for those who don't remember the black stuff).



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