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Live How You Listen by Mommy & Daddy

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Reviewed on 1st September 2003.


Live How You Listen

By Mommy & Daddy

I read the biog and listened to the CD; I read the biog again and listened again; I re-checked the biog and listened a couple more times; I gave it to a friend - he read the biog and listened, he also re-read the biog and listened again; We both turned to each other and shrugged!

One particular line haunts me from said biog "the catchiest, sexiest and most addictive punk record ever made with one bass guitar and a groove box". Surely you can read into this... i.e. no-one else is making punk records with just one bass guitar and a drum machine and therefore by default it's the best in it's field. Now read into my last sentence and see the words "by default"... not a good phrase to use when appraising music? The fawning biog continues to harp on and reference New York like it's the magic spell to make all things cool. Inevitably the NME has suckered on to the biog bandwagon providing a one-line witticism at the fear of appearing like they also didn't get it.

"Stripped back" is the new "Wall of sound" is it not (White Stripes / Yeah Yeah Yeahs) but trash is trash and no amount of moody posing on your record sleeves disguises the fundamental lack of songs. The riot grrrrirl vocals are as pretentious as the NY scene and ultimately it sounds like Bis without the guitar playing the PIL b-sides that weren't good enough. "That's just what I've been looking for" I hear you cry!



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