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Seven Hundred & Seventy Six Seconds by Ian Wardle

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Reviewed on 18th January 2006.


Seven Hundred & Seventy Six Seconds

By Ian Wardle

Ian Wardle has arguably done things the right way. Having served his time in various production line covers bands that may well have pushed him to breaking point, he has clearly learnt some valuable lessons in the art of song writing. His engaging sound of breathy vocals, na´ve acoustic guitar and occasional quirky backing instruments is to the point, whilst being subtle enough to grow on its listener. There's no stand out pop-hooks but more of a constant background caress which equally endears with several spins. Wardle is musically similar in vibe to the likes of Adem, while in content Badly Drawn Boy and recent candidate Jim Noir are brought to mind. As might be expected some elements don't fair quite so well such as the exposed lyrics on Stars, but the beautiful rolling Mockingbird and the excellent swelling One Day are top of the class. The latter of which if anything doesn't last long enough. With a name that makes him sounds like "just the bloke who works in accounts" the delights of 776 seconds are a welcome surprise.



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