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Break the Night With Colour by Richard Ashcroft

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Reviewed on 29th January 2006.


Break the Night With Colour

By Richard Ashcroft

After two years away Richard Ashcroft returns again to fill our hearts and souls. His new single "Break the Night With Colour" was released on 9th January 2006 under his new label Parlophone and upon hearing the single for the first time, I sensed the feeling that his roots now lie along side new mates Coldplay. With a straightforward piano piece and backing music it did not take my ears to a level of "Sonnet" or "Lucky Man".

However, as many records do, I heard the song over and over again repeating on MTV and VH1 and it was only then when I realised what a masterpiece he has released. Nothing has come close to Richard's voice in the last 5 years, every time he sings you can feel the passion and secrets of the song. Although the lyrics may not make sense to us, it is clear that they do to him as he holds notes like no one else today can!

His Live 8 performance with Coldplay was well respected and put him back on the ladder so it's fair to say that he will continue knocking out Verve tunes out at gigs and TV appearances, but who cares! They are what made him one of the best songwriters of today. "Break the Night With Colour" is a perfect song to kick of his year with his third solo album "Keys to the world" also out this month.

It is clear with all the thrashing guitar bands today that Richard is now the outsider, but with a mic in his hand and passion in his soul, I am sure that he will gain new fans and this will be his year!

Good luck Richard!



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On 30th January 2006 at 08:23 Anonymous 30 wrote...

"one of the best songwriters of today"???? I just don't get it?


On 30th January 2006 at 08:51 Anonymous 3071 wrote...

why not?


On 30th January 2006 at 11:36 Anonymous 30 wrote...

Oh sorry it was a joke...in which case it's very funny. "One of the best..." you little kidda, had me going for a minute.


On 30th January 2006 at 17:18 Anonymous 4205 wrote...

Is he writing for Robbie Williams now? Their stuff sounds identicle.



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