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I've Got a Bowler Hat and a Walking Stick by Mellow Gold

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Reviewed on 1st October 2003.


I've Got a Bowler Hat and a Walking Stick

By Mellow Gold

They may have a bowler hat and a walking stick but unfortunately someone also gave them instruments, naivety and penchant for private school sixth form poetry about such ranging everyday subjects as hard drugs and rendezvous' by fast food stands.

From the moment the "j u s t...t o o... s l o w" strings wimp in on opener "Shipping News" there are clear signs things are not quite together. The bottom of the pit is reached with "Exploitation" ... ugh! "Hey everybody get up on the floor, Hey everybody where's your faith in exploitation?" raps Aiden on synth! ... yes that is raps! White middle class rap - the kind that Tory politicians do to appeal to the kids! "My name is Dave and I'm a dude, are you cool, like me too?"

"My Favourite Drug" talks of the bands experiences of Heroin, amongst others of course, and draws a clear distinction between it and the girl of their dreams, she naturally being their favourite drug?????

Beware any band who name themselves after a coffee brand, probably get brought a glass of pop and some jammie dodgers halfway through practice by the guitarists mum and are as rock and roll as a visit to Safeways.



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On 4th December 2003 at 13:42 Anonymous 1470 wrote...

Im sorry but you clearly dont get the vibe of Mellow Gold. Ok i will agree with you 'exploitation' doesnt work as a CD track, but if you see it live you instantly get what its about and the crowd love it. It's ironic, Aidan clearly isnt a serious rapper and thats wha the song is about, watching Aida rap and moon walk is seriously funny, and thats what its about- exploitation!
When you watch Melllow Gold live or listen to this CD you get a good vibe, these are guys out for some fun and making some seriously good music as they do it. And ok they may be a s'rock and roll as a trip to sainsburys' but thats part of the fun and i love it. There are some greta tracks on this album and you can feel the talent of these guys showing through. In fact i would go as far as to say that all the tracks on this album show the originality and fun of this band. No two songs are alike. On this CD they are just experimenting in order to find themselves and they do this with a lot of style.
I think you are being far too harsh on this band, it may not be the polished processed music that you are used to, but you cannot deny there talent or there originality. This is there first CD and i have no doubt that you will be eating your words very soon, this is a band to watch. Theyre going to go far and theyre going to make some great music and have some fun on the way to the top.


On 5th December 2003 at 16:21 Anonymous 1295 wrote...

Next time get your family to review it, they'll tell you it's good so therefore you'll be happy as will a lot of other people for not having to read your self-indulgent ejaculation.


On 5th December 2003 at 20:44 Anonymous 904 wrote...

A cup of rich Mellow Gold and a packet of Jammie Dodgers!!!



On 26th May 2004 at 14:43 Anonymous 2611 wrote...

mellow golds a beck album you dick



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