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Baby Blue by The Warlocks

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Reviewed on 1st October 2003.


Baby Blue

By The Warlocks

'Baby Blue' is a perfect summary of The Warlocks' lazy, fucked up psychedelirock. What they lack in lyrical quantity, they make up for in sonic invention. The constant refrain of "I'm wasting my time with you, my baby, baby blue" is one of those soothing but persistent headfucks - the kind that is neither innovative or particularly catchy but somehow nags and nags until your jaw's locked open and you can't stop it pouring out. Back-up tracks, 'Hurricane Heart Attack' and 'Inside Out' were recorded in this fair city and are obviously all the better for it. In fact, the Warlocks were rubbish before they played Leeds. Honestly. Like The Happy Mondays after a humour bypass, like Iron Butterfly on a come-down, The Warlocks are the ultimate stoner's fantasy and Baby Blue is about as good as it gets.



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On 11th October 2003 at 13:41 Anonymous 629 wrote...

I reakon this is the best track on the the album, actually, scrap that...the catchiest song on the album- the two don't always equate.
Anyway, it's fab, even though my housemate described it as 'faux black grape'- what does he know, he listens to Panthera for heavens sake!This message was last edited on 18/10/03 13.31:47


On 11th October 2003 at 14:36 Anonymous 865 wrote...

The Warlocks - one of many recent bands I've read about in top fashion/lifestyle magazine NME and, after having read the "next big thing" spiel, felt quite excited about hearing. comparisons to the Velvets, pyschadelia and rock & roll. After hearing their album, i can't help despairing of modern music tastes. the "new rock revolution" and all the shit that gets glorified because of it is, as a student in Leeds, getting on my nerves BIGTIME. all these bands are riskless, originality-free bores who get away with murder - just because nobody seems to demand something new. the warlocks are one of an endless list of bands that dont have a single original idea in their heads.



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