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Try Fly Blue Sky EP by The Heartstrings

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Reviewed on 5th February 2006.


Try Fly Blue Sky EP

By The Heartstrings

This self-released three-track EP is one of the most unashamedly pop sounding records released in recent times and the fact that The Heartstrings have so far remained under the radar is a bit of a surprise. The band, based in London, consist of two brothers, Todd and Max Roache who create stories and situations which on paper shouldn't work, but give each song three or four listens and it all seems to make some sort of sense.

First track Cannonball Stan is a great start to the EP opening with a borrowed Flaming Lips-esque drum loop which leads to a glorious chorus. The whole track (and EP for that matter) is built on texture, with licks flowing in and out, almost unnoticeable unless played several times - which is the way great music should be.

Second track Kids is the weakest of the three, and is also the most silly. Superheroes, kryptonite, and other assorted comic book phrases are referenced which sounds pretty daft on paper. Well in essence it is. But again the chorus is first rate, almost perfect. The Beach Boys, had they written it, would have been proud.

Third track He Wanted to Fly and He Flew is the nugget of the EP though. This is simply pure pop. Perfect harmonies, great production, intelligent lyrics and a tune that's catchy as hell all add up to a formula similar bands would kill for.

The brothers Roache are back in the studio working on the follow up to this EP, which on the basis of this little peach, no one should underestimate. Global appeal surely awaits.



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