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Talk The Talk by Mr Lilter

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Reviewed on 9th February 2006.


Talk The Talk

By Mr Lilter

There's something instantly familiar about opening track 'Chloe'. It took me a while to figure out what it was and then it suddenly hit me. Postman Pat! That bassline sounds like the theme tune to Postman Pat, albeit with a cheeky groove that Mrs Goggins would never have tolerated in that Post Office.

In fact, Mr Lilter's upbeat, foot-tapping tunes would be the perfect accompaniment to a little trip through Greendale (or, if you prefer, some non-animated countryside) on a sunny day. rhythm and blues, ska, jazz - it's all there and often all within the space of a single song.

John Gillies and co are obviously of a sunny disposition and it's hard not to let the 11 track 'Talk the Talk' LP brighten those grey days. Genevieve Parker's beautifully soft voice perfectly compliments Gillies' James Taylor-y tones. When combined with gently strummed acoustic guitars, delicate bluesy licks and the constant tickling of a high hat cymbal, Mr Lilter create an uplifting sound befitting of their name, lilting along in the breeze.

The Parker-sung 'Steaknife' is the pick of the bunch here. It's a strange blend of ska and country-style guitar which strums its way along with that gorgeous voice sitting snugly on top. Other highlights include the witty 'Give me money'- surely a future buskers' favourite - and 'Man he loves his music' with piano, deep bass and a guitar reminiscent of Dire Straits' 'Sultans of Swing'.

In fact, most of the songs on show here draw subtle comparisons with those of other bands. 'Time Bomb' conjures up memories of Badly Drawn Boy's 'Once around the block whilst 'This Passion' is the most electrified of all the tunes and has a strong whiff of 'L.S.F' by Kasabian about it. The similarities are there, yes, but Mr Lilter throw everything into a big pot and gently stir it to create a brew that's all their own. 'My Sunrise' is a sombre, acoustic closer on which Gillies' own distinctive voice shows all its quality - a dreamy end to a thoroughly enjoyable album.



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