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Here We Are Now EP by Repairman

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Reviewed on 1st October 2003.


Here We Are Now EP

By Repairman

It's clear to see, or rather hear, why Repairman have become touring companions of both Gomez and Athlete of late. The vocal melodies are instantly accessible whilst the distorted vocals and various samples and drum loops keep things just to the left of field. Bass heavy electronica mixed in with flourishes of acoustic guitar are par for the course and it's the sort of stuff you'd hear in the background of some hip new film, not necessarily going to stand out and grab you but there's every chance you'll take not of it's presence. The songs don't really sit still long enough for you to become familiar enough with them to grow too closely attached though and there's such a mish-mash of things going on that whilst it's pleasant enough there's nothing too memorable here. "Georges Empire" stands out of the three tracks here but Repairman will need to poke their heads out further to stand any chance of winning over new fans on their current support tour with Athlete.



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