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This Is the Last Time by Keane

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Reviewed on 1st October 2003.


This Is the Last Time

By Keane

Allegedly with a half a million pound record deal freshly signed and most definitely currently being touted by the music press as 'the new Coldplay' Keane hail from Oxford. So there's every chance they support Man United then and hence the name? This Fierce Panda release comes shortly after the band were featured by the NME as being amongst the 10 hot British tips for the coming year. On this offering it would seem perhaps the A&R men and the NME have got it right.

Far more chirpy than Coldplay the piano laden tunes a bright jaunty whilst retaining a penchant for throwing in unexpected chord changes that keep from the bland and predictable. 'Can't Stop Now' gives the A-Side a decent run for it's money but just loses out thanks to the opener's gradual rise from soft to soaring with a fantastic vocal that should ensure those who miss out on this release will probably get a second bite at the cherry as if it fails to dent the charts this time then a re-release once the band establish themselves further should see it dent the charts. A bit like Haven or Remy Zero with piano replacing guitars. Lovely.



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On 6th June 2004 at 12:42 Anonymous 2671 wrote...

and look where they are now



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