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Reviewed on 14th February 2006.


The Lucida Console

Live at The Vine on Monday, 6th February 2006

By defying the conventional song-writing framework and trashing its cultivated and stylised musical aesthetics, The Lucida Console's intrepid style and approach to music is wonderfully invigorating. They play as though every morsel of their music has a heartbeat, as though they care for the music like a mother would care for her new-born child. Nothing goes untouched; nobody gets left behind as their music transmutes instantly and sometimes insanely into something delightfully unforeseen.

Their affirmation of denting the norm has you hanging on tenterhooks; you become prisoners to the noise, prisoners to the beauty and symphony of distorted sound without it ever becoming vapid. The Lucida Console are musical embroiders that cement the chaotic with the serene, where the transparency of their passion and integrity is clear as crystal. By exemplifying dedication and honesty, The Lucida Console have surfaced to the top of the Leeds music scene over the past few years. The music of The Lucida Console is never going to fall into a commercial coma nor go unnoticed. They will not become an overnight phenomenon because their music just asks too many questions that many people just don't have the answers to. But those who do know the answers will understand the quintessential purpose and spirit of The Lucida Console and will love them forever.



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On 23rd February 2006 at 19:43 Anonymous 5474 wrote...

'way you go Karl...awesome emo...awesome revue!
Don't miss DtrRadio, Cockpit 230206 TLC on at 9 -



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The Lucida Console

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