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Crimson by Naked Lounge

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Reviewed on 1st October 2003.



By Naked Lounge

Ska tinged rock without the horn sections, verging into metal at times with growling vocals and guitars to match. It's tightly performed with a strong vocal packed with emotion to pull it along and lift it above some similar stuff of this ilk. The songs could be stronger but there are some nice moments that, whilst they may not take residence in your head for weeks on end, you won't be dismissing immediately. The clattering bass and syncopated guitar of 'Beggars Belief' chug along before the ascending guitar line leads us into the chorus. 'Three' begins with a guitar line that conjures images of Charvel guitars, devil horn salutes and maybe even wicca. The song continues in a similarly dark vein. Plenty of positive points but some stronger songs would do the band's ability more justice.



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