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Untitled by Galactico

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Reviewed on 16th February 2006.



By Galactico

No biog and no website means no information about Galactico, so it's only a guess whether the band is named after the super stars of Real Madrid. Musically the two tracks on offer paint a contrasting picture. By far and away the most interesting is "Suicide Blues" which sounds like Spiritualised, or Ian Brown's solo work, fronted by Richard Ashcroft before he disappeared up his posterior. Its hypnotic note bending bass line is complemented by a series of quivering strings, picked acoustic notes, reversed guitar and sampled beats. It's excellent stuff which makes the inclusion of the slightly leaden opener Pocketful of Troubles all the more puzzling. Totally by the numbers, like a stoned Embrace, it has none of the atmosphere offered by what comes after. The direction Galactico head in next of the two thrown down here will have a great bearing.



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On 16th February 2006 at 20:32 Anonymous 5440 wrote...

Fair review!
Galactico are on Myspace, check out www.myspace.com/galacticotheband where you can hear these tracks.



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