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Something 2 Die 4 by Meschalina

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Reviewed on 1st October 2003.


Something 2 Die 4

By Meschalina

Electro Rap Core from Rome... sound enticing? Nope didn't think so. What does Electro Rap Core mean you ask? "It is meaning some gud Dr Alban stlyee rapping yah man!" over anything from Jungle, Nu-Metal, Techno (Euro BONK BONK BONK), Dance to Funk. It is also meaning some of the all time classic clichés in Rap lyrics including the random shouting of the words "Base", "Yo", "Respect" and "Quest".

Not surprisingly Meschalina are at their most comfortable and least distracting lyric wise when they use their own native tongue to sound like an Italian Limp Bizkit. (Though what they are singing about is anyone's guess - unless you are Italian!)

11 songs in 19 minutes means your journey to the core of Electro Rap is a brief one and only title track "Something 2 die 4" offers a memorable moment to take away. Europe should celebrate it's diversity in tastes and style, but what is one mans "crazy radical" is another man's 5 years out of date!



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