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Break by The Cinematics

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Reviewed on 18th February 2006.



By The Cinematics

Joy, joy, joy. The slew of bands raping Joy Division's back catalogue continues. People who detest Interpol/Editors et al but like Joy Division are idiots. Play the game and get your head out of your arse. If you don't agree with the very principle of, god forbid, vaguely using another band's blueprint, at the very least be thankful you're getting the chance to see and experience these bands while, let's be honest, the rigor mortis state of Mr. Curtis doesn't allow itself to the prayer a Joy Division reunion is on the cards.

As you may have guessed, The Cinematics do sound like the above. Does that make them evil men making music warranting your hatred? Of course it fucking doesn't. 'Break' is a great song with a guitar hook that reigns supreme and a vocalist that can hold a tune better than most. There's going to be more of this than you can take this year, better get used to it or ship out to outer Mongolia.



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