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Reviewed on 1st October 2003.



By Billy Talent

Billy Talent: 4 Piece from Toronto, they seem to be getting some really good press at the moment and look set to be the next "Big Thing" with the angst ridden pocket money wielding teenage Sum 41 fans out there. I'm not knocking that though... these boys seem to have a little more bite about them than their Canadian counterparts Sum 41, which can't be a bad thing in such an apathetic age!

To describe them, I'd take the energy and hookability of late 90s Cali punk, mix it up with a little bit of Thursday/Taking Back Sunday sounding emo riffage and breakdowns, throw in some rock lead vocals and vocal harmonies, mix until smooth, bake for 30 minutes on gas mark 8. Serve hot, and you wouldn't be far wrong.

First song "This Is How It Goes" begins pleasantly enough, nice little guitar and drum thing going on, then Boom! Big guitars for a riff or two and then Stop! Vocals come in... Sneering, angst ridden but at the same time melodic? A bit like a mixture of late Faith No More sounding Mike Patton and dare I say it... Bruce Dickinson!! (Yes, front man for the cliché ridden metal band Iron Maiden). This isn't a bad thing though it makes for a truly unique and rocking vocal sound much better than the watered down cak that passes for rock music at the moment.

Lyrically, it looks like they are plying from personal experiences and a feeling of isolation and distain for the world, at the same time seem to have an underlying message of hope and a bit of a F*** You! attitude too thrown in to boot, which is refreshing to see instead of the usual girlfriend dumped me or poppy frat boy ultra melodic pop punk that seems to get radio play at the moment.

To summarise: Good quality rocky punk, with cool riffs and a great singer with great lyrics, what more do you want?



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