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Frustration by The Whip

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Reviewed on 22nd February 2006.



By The Whip

This record nearly rules. The Whip, it could be argued, are just another NME-gangbanger, leaning heavily towards the synth-heavy stylings of The Faint, Fischerspooner or even LCD Soundsystem, the indie dancefloors are full of them. The thing that makes this single great, though, is that it clearly doesn't care about being too catchy or song-orientated. There's a U2-like majesty about "Frustration" and the band's courage to lean clearly towards a band-like dynamic means this rocks a little softer than the aforementioned Electro-Boogie collectives in a really refreshing way. If it wasn't for the severely naff sounding remix by fellow Mancs, Performance, this would be an awesome package. I like Performance, I almost prefer their grittier approach to electro-pop, but this will not do. It's really bland, boring, poppy, whatever... it's rubbish. Buy a Performance record. Anyway, this record confirms that The Whip could well have a very bright future ahead of them, as well as their fair share of commercial success, so you could do a lot worse than checking these guys out before they sell too many records and get deemed "too commercial" or whatever.



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