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Long Time Coming by Humanzi

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Reviewed on 23rd February 2006.


Long Time Coming

By Humanzi

Can anyone say stuttering poppy indie guitar music? Will that do? Do you need any more information? Is it really necessary? And more importantly is it actually physically possible to drown in this type of music? Because many people must be down to their very last breath if it is. We should install some kind of one in/one out system from now on. When one floppy haired, jittery dancing clown pops his clogs, allow another sole solitary Timmy Tightpants bloke into the arena to pull his mad shapes and replicate Franz/Kaisers etc. etc. etc. all over again. Jagger could bounce. That would be amusing.

As it is, European law still dictates it isn't illegal to keep pedalling this stuff no matter how bland and faceless it is, so (for the time being) Humanzi are allowed to exist. Back off Brussels.

Ironically the band say it best with the line "You're not that good but you're not that bad at all". Never has a song warranted 2.5 stars so much. Could be worse though, at least they're not from Leeds. It would be like Atlantis all over again if they were.



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