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Predator EP by Modey Lemon

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Reviewed on 1st October 2003.


Predator EP

By Modey Lemon

Modey Lemon: a moog induced thrash trash white-noise headfuck explosion from a duo devastated by "girl issues". The NME like 'em: they say they're pretty boys. Probably skinny too. Eh John? And now they're a trio. Who cares? Nice moog and drums intro. A duo = likely to be garage blues these days. Don't mention Shite Stripes. Lazy and now't like 'em. I think I got away with it. A little too noisy for Meg - so turn it down. But then I can't hear the words. Chaotic ass-kickin' feedback. Turn it back up. Still can't make out the words. Now there's some angry shit - it's almost danceable. Poor girl. Some serious dues owed. "She became a carnivore..." in fact. Funky little number about tongues follows. "Tongues. Everybody's got one..." Indeed. I found Modey Lemon reviews alongside those of The Exploding Fuck Dolls and Smut Peddlers. Need I go on?



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