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Roses for the Dead by Funeral for a Friend

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Reviewed on 27th February 2006.


Roses for the Dead

By Funeral for a Friend

The fact that you clicked on this link means you probably already know what to expect from these Welsh pop-hardcore champions, and with "Roses for the Dead" you'd be right on.

Funeral for a Friend seem to relish in the standard-issue "fast dancy verses and half-time anthemic choruses" that so many tight jeaned upstarts seem to be touting about these days. Thing is, we forget the Funeral's place as one of the UK's brightest stars of mainstream rock music is a deserved one, and the fact that this song might seem a bit tiresome to some is only testament to the bands huge influence on so many younger bands of this ilk. Fact is, Funeral for a Friend have a strong penchant for writing catchy as hell, neatly polished hard-rock anthems, and while this single might not surprise, it definitely produces the goods that the bands fans will be expecting. A nice twidley intro leads us into a fast-paced verse, then into a monstrously catchy chorus, followed later by a lighter-waving slow girly bit. Simple really. It doesn't really carry the weight of earlier single "Monsters" or have the dynamic quality of the classic "Juno", but it does the job nicely and reminds us that Funeral for a Friend's "rags to riches" story is a charming one, plus it's nice to see such an influential band still on top of most of the tripe copyists thrown our way from the other side of the Atlantic.



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