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That Fucking Tank / Monster Killed By Laser - split single by Various Artists

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Reviewed on 28th February 2006.


That Fucking Tank / Monster Killed By Laser - split single

By Various Artists

Run Of The Mill Records release another fine split EP this time featuring two of the finest instrumental mash up bands around. "Red" is what Mozart would have created if he had access to a crack cocaine. The dirty baritone guitar pumps out hooks that grab you by the jaw and makes you dribbling for more. That Fucking Tank are one of those bands you can only truly appreciate after you've seen live and "Red" gives you them at one of their finest moments capturing the lo-fi rawness of instrumental placed trough and bandsaw.

If That Fucking Tank is Mozart on crack then Monster Killed By Laser is Mozart suffering from Tourette Syndrome. A cross between Judas Priest and Mogwai, "Larks tongue's in aspic (pt2)" is an instrumental mash up for the Red Bull generation. That Fucking Tank and Monster Killed By Laser have proven you don't need instruments to form a band just some fucked up ideas and a lot caffeine.



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On 1st March 2006 at 15:42 Anonymous 3028 wrote...

Two of the worst band names I have ever heard, appropriately accompanied by one of the worst reviews I have ever read.


On 3rd March 2006 at 13:42 Anonymous 4679 wrote...

Here, here... Mr Dixon !!


On 3rd March 2006 at 15:39 Anonymous 3028 wrote...

Is that who I think it is ???

How's it going peggy?

You checked out The Rise new site yet?



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