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Serotonin by Roe Sham Bo

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Reviewed on 3rd March 2006.



By Roe Sham Bo

Apparently Roe Sham Bo have had the luxury of turning down 3 record deals. One listen to their self-released album Serotonin will have you scratching your head and asking "Just who the f*ck were these record companies?" and did they come here in a time machine? At one point in their biog one of the sincere band members says "It means we never end up sounding like a covers band" and there in one statement you have the clearest demonstration of "musicians blinkers" ever committed to paper. Perhaps if the band had not recorded their album above a North London pub they would have sounded less like a pub rock covers band and they also might have been able to broaden their listening beyond the bad rock on the Juke box downstairs. Maybe it didn't help either with the odd casual piss head wandering through saying "Wotcher mate, that 2 minute guitar solo was the business... have you got a light?" Through 12 tracks they plod through some of the most out of date Nicklecack, Lobb-on Jovi and Bryan Sadams inspired pub-rock around. The band make it look quite exciting in the inlay, prancing about with their shirts off but they're not fooling anyone. It's dull and at some points you can even hear the guitarist close his eyes, lean his head back and stick out his chest. Main highlight is having a good laugh at the terrible lyrics of "Bad Trip Central" which includes references to burning down cities and wolves... as more songs should do these days.



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On 4th March 2006 at 10:28 Anonymous 13 wrote...

Yes! The review I didn't dare to write. In my head I felt that - but in fact I did this:


Good work Rick. Maybe beginner bands should always stick to singles, so they don't wear out new listeners' patience?


On 6th March 2006 at 09:11 Anonymous 30 wrote...

I miss the old Sam...back in the days where you made a stand



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