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Untitled by Indigo Skins

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Reviewed on 4th March 2006.



By Indigo Skins

Having supported Laika Dog and with an upcoming show sharing the stage with Forward Russia, Indigo Skins could be going places. This demo never fully catches fire but at their best the tunes leap out of the stereo and into your head with hints of The White Stripes, U2 and Green Day reverberating around for some time afterwards. There is much to be said for the recording, which lends an invitingly raw sound- the true test of a band is whether they can play live, and in this respect 'Skins show that they can walk the walk.

'Too Far' gets Indigo Skins off to a flyer with the sound of The Futureheads spliced with a heavy helping of U2's 'Vertigo'. It's fast paced and it's got the quiet-verse-leading-to-rousing-chorus thing down to a tee. Lead and backing vocals rant on simultaneously and give the impression that serious amounts of fun were had during the recording- you can imagine the smiles and knowing looks.

'Never Be' isn't the song you expect from the opening chords. As they slowly climb to their peak, the drums kick in and you're suddenly hearing something akin to Green Day's 'Hitchin' a ride'. Gavin Nixon's guitar does an impression of a wasp on speed, dexterously flitting in and out to good effect whilst John's gruff vocals growl about the sort of girl you might see in an Arctic Monkeys video.

'In the Rain' is the low point of this demo, a more down-tempo affair which doesn't sit too well with the other tracks. A pleasant tune as far as it goes but whereas the other tracks burst with energy and purpose, this tune lacks the character and the underlying hook to keep up the interest. Softer vocals and simple guitars intertwine nicely without ever capturing the essence of the band.

Lilly picks up the pace a final time with a simple beat, short busts of guitar and punk-y style. There's a singalong for all to enjoy, ensuring this will be a live favourite, but the production doesn't sound as crisp as in the first half of this offering.

Indigo Skins are worth checking out, they're easy to listen to without being easy-listening and there's an infectious energy about the way they play. If they stick to what they do best, you may well be hearing a lot more of them in the future.



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