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The Flow by T.U.G.G.

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Reviewed on 1st October 2003.


The Flow

By T.U.G.G.

It's sort of reassuring to know that a propensity for sanctimonious songwriting can be found anywhere the world over. In this case Wisconsin and T.U.G.G. (The Underground Grovement... no seriously! It appears no one has pointed out to them that Underground is actually one word). The name itself is a warning... Danger Here Lie Clichés! Songs about breezy summer days, preaching spoken word, bongos, wah-wah, slap bass and 9/11.

"A melting pot of Groove-Pop-Rock" (to quote our American cousins - "Oh brother!") It's amazing that Funk/Rock bands don't list a member of the band as "Guitar, Vocals and Regurgitated ideas". Never has there been a genre quite like it for turning out the trash.

The album is interspersed with pieces of nasal spoken word that sound like the US version of the "Tree turty do dottingdam" advert. The funniest of these whines on about the 9/11 attack prior to the worst song ever written about it: "In the tones across our nation was who to blame and where to send our instant and direct retaliation"

In the general American ethos, unlike dear old Blighty, you don't play in a band until you are good musician. Just a shame the same doesn't apply to songwriting: "Down at the head shop there's such a cosmic groove, with those cosmic girls and those cosmic dudes" Eh??



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